Oral Presentation &
e-Poster Display Guidelines

All posters will be displayed electronically (e-Poster) for the duration of the Congress.
For abstracts accepted for Poster Display, please ONLY refer to e-Poster Display submission guideline below.

Important Deadlines:

  • E-Poster (PDF) - submit to Secretariat latest by 1st October 2019 (Tuesday).
  • PowerPoint (Oral Presentation Only) - submit to Secretariat latest by 1st October 2019 (Tuesday).
  • Online Registration and payment – 15th September 2019 (Sunday).
    [If you are sponsored by a Pharma company you would not need to register but kindly inform us. For those who have registered and paid, you may ignore this.]


Posters will be displayed electronically (e-poster) for the duration of the congress.
  • Please make sure to fill in details for the header, i.e.: title, authors, institution.
  • Please underline the presenting author.
  • Each poster must fit into one page only.
  • The orientation of the e-poster must be portrait/vertical.
  • Text Size Must Be Readable From At Least 1 Metre Away (Minimum Font Size 16pt).
  • Suggested resolution 1920 x 1080 with 300 dpi (38.1 cm x 67.7cm).
  • The headings of the presentation should conform to the structure of the abstract.
  • Pictures, graphs and tables can be included in the e-poster.
  • Videos and music cannot be included in the e-poster.
  • Incomplete / non-compliant posters will not be accepted.
  • To produce your e-poster, save your file as pdf format. We recommend that you choose minimum size for the pdf save option to ensure you do not exceed our maximum file size limit of 2MB.


  • Duration of presentation:
    • 8 minutes to present
    • 2 minutes for Q&A
  • Please present the key points of your study in PowerPoint format.
  • Please make sure all media files are embedded in your PowerPoint file.
  • It is critically important for files to be named using the following format:
    < Station >_< ID No. >_< AuthorName >
    For example: StationA_ID7_Joshua.pptx.
  • All presenters are assigned to different stations (A,B, C or D).
  • The stations are located in the Exhibition Area (Nexus 1).
  • Each station is equipped with 1 TV monitor for the presentation.
  • Your presentation will be reviewed by a panel of 2 judges.

Check-in and Review Your Presentation On-Site:

  • Even if you have submitted your presentation online in advance, all Oral Presenters should check in at the Speakers' Preview Room (next to Ballroom Nexus 3) preferably 2 hours prior to the start of your session to preview your presentation.
  • Shall you have any updates, please ensure the latest presentation file is hand delivered on a flash drive to Speakers' Preview Room, preferably 2 hours prior your presentation.
  • If you’re unavoidably delayed, you must still go directly to Speakers' Preview Room. Do not bring a laptop or other media device directly to the designated function halls.
  • Technicians will assist with the upload of your files and provide the opportunity to preview and/or edit the presentation as necessary.
  • When reviewing your presentation in the Secretariat Room, make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly.
  • The laptops in the function halls are identical in configuration to the laptops in the Secretariat Room.
  • Secretariat Room and all the function halls will be equipped with the Windows 10 based laptops with Office 2016 installed.
  • Please note that Internet is not accessible during yourpresentation.

Additional Information

  • Recording devices such as cameras are not permitted in the Speakers' Preview Room.
  • All presentation files will be deleted at the end of the congress.






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